Day 1 – Finding your focus.

Natalie posed this challenge to her audience for Day one of the blog challenge: List the top three challenges you face, that prevents you from living a life of freedom.

I think the key to responding to such a challenge is to first understand, or identify what that life of freedom, means to us as individuals. Without getting to into detail surrounding that topic, my life of freedom means time. Time to invest in my children, and my wife. Time to enrich and add to their lives, materially, emotionally, and relationally. Time to devote to my creator, in service to him. This life means that I also need to be finacially free. Not rich mind you, but freedom from the worry about having to stress about how our needs will be taken care of.

Now had I posed that same challenge a short few weeks ago my responses would be much different. I would have used some, in hindsight, weak and honestly quite lame responses. Challenges such as: “I don’t have the time”, an excuse that Natalie says she HATES! Or “I don’t have the money to either, risk, or invest”. However recently I have experienced a shift in my thinking in a drastic way, by listening to the weekly podcast “An uncluttered life”. Put on by Warren & Betsy Talbot, this amazing couple documents how they started living the life they dream of, and deliver “An action plan for dreamers”. The inspirational and very informative information they deliver has changed the way I think in such a great way.

So onto the challenge, the three challenges I face that prevent me from living a life of freedom are:

  1. Myself – I end up being my own worst enemy, I suppose I suffer from a fear of, not failure, but rather of success I think. I end up making great action plans, for great ideas, but in the past have rarely seen them through to the end.
  2. Priorities – I am in need of a “reality check” to get to the life I want to live I need to prioritize, identify what the key needs and goals are of this life of freedom, and carry out those priorities.
  3. Discipline – I have “no” problems :-). Meaning that I can rarely say no to myself. If I am going to make marked progress towards my goals and dreams, then I need to control my urges to give into myself when I know better, how to spend my time, and my money to heard towards this goal.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1


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