Day 2 – Finding your WHY

Hello Readers!
For Natalie’s Day 2 challenge, she posed the question: Why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle.
In my previous post I briefly described what freedom means to me. To reiterate, the freedom lifestyle to me, means time to spend with those I love, and care about most. But that is only one element, of many. I also have a deep desire to help people, which is evidenced by my current career path as a Health and Safety professional. Part of why I want to live the freedom lifestyle is to enable me to reach more people, on a larger scale to impact “the way we do safety” within industry. I want to create, programs, content, information, and even products that improve the standard of safety. This too will help me to achieve my “Dream job” of becoming a public speaker, delivering discourses across North America aimed at teaching companies, workers, and more importantly, teenagers and young adults just entering the workforce on how safety works and what it means to them. All while living financially independent, and spending more and more time with my children, and my wife.
I want to live the dream lifestyle because, anything else is just not good enough!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2


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