Day 3 – Creating A Vision For The Future

Welcome back Readers!

I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look at my very first project. Being that this is my first writing project I appreciate any and all constructive comments that could help me in my writing journey.

Day 3 of Natalie’s challenge asks her audience to describe their perfect day, in present tense, as if I was living my dream lifestyle.

I wake up, in my lovely king bed with my lovely wife next to me, who, no matter what always wakes up at least an hour or so after I do. I get up quietly so as not to wake her, hop into my lovely glass shower in the bathroom to start my day. After I finish my shower I finish my regular routine of a nice shave, and getting dressed for the day. I notice from the nearly all glass walls in my bathroom that it looks like it will be an amazingly beautiful day today.

forest-home-in-new-york-from-outsideI look at my wife’s garden and take note the plants need some care this afternoon, and I’m also reminded I need to plant the apple tree with my oldest daughter today, she hasn’t stopped talking about it since she finished that botany unit in science class. Heading downstairs quietly, it’s still early enough the kids are sleeping, I turn on the coffee pot and get a few things out for breakfast for the girls. Like clockwork, about 15 minutes after I put the coffee on, I hear some footsteps slowly coming down the stairs. I see my gorgeous wife smile and I hand her the coffee I made just for her. We chat about the days going’s on and get the balance of breakfast ready. As usual the kids get themselves up and ready for school, to sit down and have breakfast with us. We all finish up, I kiss my wife goodbye and pack up the kids in the vehicle. I drop off my children at school and rush home.

As I pull into the drive I see my wife working away in her garden as I smile to myself. I head inside, grab some refreshments, and head to my office. I do all my best work in the morning, I return emails, phone calls, and reach out to some perspective clients where I may be able to deliver some of my discourses. I complete my podcast for the day, and my daily writing. I plan for the rest of the content I will deliver that week. Soon I look up and my wife is darkening my hallway telling me my time is up and it is time for us to do our “home work” but not until after we have a nice lunch on her newly cared for garden patio.

This is my dream morning. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.



This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3


Day 2 – Finding your WHY

Hello Readers!
For Natalie’s Day 2 challenge, she posed the question: Why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle.
In my previous post I briefly described what freedom means to me. To reiterate, the freedom lifestyle to me, means time to spend with those I love, and care about most. But that is only one element, of many. I also have a deep desire to help people, which is evidenced by my current career path as a Health and Safety professional. Part of why I want to live the freedom lifestyle is to enable me to reach more people, on a larger scale to impact “the way we do safety” within industry. I want to create, programs, content, information, and even products that improve the standard of safety. This too will help me to achieve my “Dream job” of becoming a public speaker, delivering discourses across North America aimed at teaching companies, workers, and more importantly, teenagers and young adults just entering the workforce on how safety works and what it means to them. All while living financially independent, and spending more and more time with my children, and my wife.
I want to live the dream lifestyle because, anything else is just not good enough!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

Day 1 – Finding your focus.

Natalie posed this challenge to her audience for Day one of the blog challenge: List the top three challenges you face, that prevents you from living a life of freedom.

I think the key to responding to such a challenge is to first understand, or identify what that life of freedom, means to us as individuals. Without getting to into detail surrounding that topic, my life of freedom means time. Time to invest in my children, and my wife. Time to enrich and add to their lives, materially, emotionally, and relationally. Time to devote to my creator, in service to him. This life means that I also need to be finacially free. Not rich mind you, but freedom from the worry about having to stress about how our needs will be taken care of.

Now had I posed that same challenge a short few weeks ago my responses would be much different. I would have used some, in hindsight, weak and honestly quite lame responses. Challenges such as: “I don’t have the time”, an excuse that Natalie says she HATES! Or “I don’t have the money to either, risk, or invest”. However recently I have experienced a shift in my thinking in a drastic way, by listening to the weekly podcast “An uncluttered life”. Put on by Warren & Betsy Talbot, this amazing couple documents how they started living the life they dream of, and deliver “An action plan for dreamers”. The inspirational and very informative information they deliver has changed the way I think in such a great way.

So onto the challenge, the three challenges I face that prevent me from living a life of freedom are:

  1. Myself – I end up being my own worst enemy, I suppose I suffer from a fear of, not failure, but rather of success I think. I end up making great action plans, for great ideas, but in the past have rarely seen them through to the end.
  2. Priorities – I am in need of a “reality check” to get to the life I want to live I need to prioritize, identify what the key needs and goals are of this life of freedom, and carry out those priorities.
  3. Discipline – I have “no” problems :-). Meaning that I can rarely say no to myself. If I am going to make marked progress towards my goals and dreams, then I need to control my urges to give into myself when I know better, how to spend my time, and my money to heard towards this goal.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1